First due house fire- 15400 block Arbory Way

On Sunday March 12th at 18:21 hours Engine 101 with 7 volunteers, Chief 10A (Grant), and Chief 10B (Brown) were alerted to 15400 block of Arbory Way for the house fire. Chief 10A arrived on scene with a two story middle of the row townhome with smoke showing and assumed the Arbory Way command. The Engine arrived shortly after and stretched a line to division 2 where they found a fire in the bathroom that extended into the attack. Chief 10B arrived on scene and was given division 2 supervisor. The crew from Engine 101 made a quick knock of the bathroom and the attic while Truck 15 (Burtonsville) assisted with opening up. Engine 101 and Truck 15 had extensive overhaul of the attic before returning to service.