Busy Thursday at the Dime – Working House Fire and Crash/Rescue

June 5, 2014.  Just before 4pm Engine 103 was dispatched on the “working fire dispatch” to a house fire mutual aid to Anne Arundel County (Maryland City).  Units were on the scene of a basement fire in a one story single family home in the 400 block of Rhodesdale South.  E103 approached the scene from the opposite direction of the other units and took a position on the A/B side of the house.  The crew pulled an attack line and searched and ventilated the first floor.  After completing that task E103’s crew was reassigned to the basement to open up.   Nine volunteers including Deputy Chief Grant and Assistant Chief Brown operated on the scene for about an hour.

Later that evening, Thursday Night Duty Crew was enjoying a quick dinner on the patio of Chipotle when communications dispatched Engines 104, 101 and Ambulance 108 on a crash with entrapment on Cherry Lane at Route 1.  Crews from the Dime arrived to find a Toyota Prius down the embankment with the driver still in the vehicle.  A railing was precariously holding the car from going further down the embankment into a stream below.  Crews from the Dime quickly tied off the vehicle to keep it from dropping further down the embankment.  Rescue Squad 15 from Burtonsville arrived and completed the stabilization and assisted in the removal of the patient.  Luckily the patient had only minor injuries and was able to climb up a ladder and out of the car with assistance.  Ambulance 108 treated and transported the patient to a local hospital.  Assistant Chief Brown had the command.  13 Dime members operated on the scene.