Hazmat Box - 14841 Sweitzer Lane (UPS Sorting Facility)

At 0216, E810B and A810 were dispatched to a reported hazmat spill and fire at the UPS sorting facility on Sweitzer Lane, along with multiple other units.  Chief 10A was the Incident Commander. Units responded from Stations: 10, 49, 31, 41, 16, 12, 45, Howard County 6, and Montgomery 15. Upon arrival, E810B  discovered a package of nitric acid had spilled and caught fire on a conveyer belt. After further investigation, the apparatus assignment was slightly scaled back and the special services (trucks) were placed in service. The Hazmat Team made entry into the facility and isolated the package. The Hazmat team found a second package containing a flammable liquid, next to it that had started to react. The Hazmat Team neutralized the acid and rendered the area safe. A transition was made to a UPS cleanup contractor. There was one firefighter that was transported for a checkup following entry operations.

Photos are courtesy of Tiffany Lewis

Click the link for the WJLA News Story: http://www.wjla.com/articles/2012/07/hazmat-spill-at-laurel-ups-facility-investigated-78274.html