Tower 10 Runs 3rd Alarm Howard County Assignment

On Sunday morning, July 8th at 05:47 hrs, Tower 10 was alerted to respond to the reported building fireat 9773 Tiger Lily Path, in the Country Meadows apartment complex in North Laurel, Howard County.  Tower 10 responded with 7 personnel and was the second arriving Ladder Company.  Upon arrival, Tower 10 assumed position on the Charlie side of the building with heavy fire conditions showing on divisions 1, 2 and 3, as well as through the roof. The 2nd Alarm was quickly sounded by Command. Tower 10's crew quickly began operating, laddering the 3 building block on the Charlie side including the Bravo and Delta exposure buildings.  The bucket of Tower 10 was placed in position on the roof while Firefighters from the crew entered the building to begin search and rescue operations.  Fire conditions soon after dictated Command to sound evacuation tones and implement defensive operations.  Due to excessive temperature and fire load, the 3rd Alarm was sounded shortly following.  The Tower 10 bucket crew began flowing water onto the structure for a  duration of approximately 25 minutes while interior crews worked on exposure search and rescue, extension, and overhaul operations.  All units from Anne Arundel, Prince George's, and Montgomery Counties, in addition to the multiple Howard County units, operated for hours.  One Firefighter suffered an environmental injury and was treated for heat exhaustion.  A reported 40 people would be displaced from the structure, which incurred an estimated $700,000.00 in damages.  Tower 10 crew operated for just under 3 1/2 hrs, was released from Command, and returned to service at 09:11 hrs.