May 10, 2012 - Call for Toddler Drowning in Bathtub

At approximately 1915 on May 10, 2012 the Laurel Volunteer Fire Department along with Howard County Paramedic 65 and Laurel Police Department were dispatched to White Way for a reported 2 year old toddler who had drowned in the bathtub. 

The dispatched address did not exist upon arrival.  The crew from LVFD Engine 104 immediately ran 2 blocks in each direction to verify the address did not exist and staged at 10thand White Way for confirmation on the address.  After PGFD PSC updated the address to 1023 Tenth St, the crew immediately arrived at the residence and had to force entry due to the mother having CPR in progress upon Fire and EMS arrival.  A very young female was found lying limp on the floor.  E104’s crew performed a rapid assessment of airway, breathing, and circulation, determined the child had a very weak, almost absent, brachial pulse and a slight gurgling was audible.  The child had been down for an extended period of time according to the child’s the mother.  The crew from Engine 104 immediately picked up the child and ran her out to the waiting Howard County Medic 65.  EMTs from A108 joined the paramedics on board to assist with attempting to stabilize the patient.  The patient was transported Priority 1 to Laurel Regional Hospital and was airlifted shortly after to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Children’s Hospital in Washington DC where she was reported in critical but stable condition as of 0100 on May 11, 2012. 

The Laurel Volunteer Fire Department wishes the very best for the little girl on her recovery.