Giving from the heart

Recently, a father and 2 young ladies stopped by the LVFD and asked if we were accepting donations for Toys-for-Tots. Volunteer firefighters on duty confirmed that we do indeed accept donations. The proud father asked his daughters to tell us the story behind their donation. These 2 young ladies had played skeeball over the last 2 years in Ocean City and saved up over 2000 tickets. Rather than using the tickets for themselves, they purchased a prize and decided to donate them to Toys-for-Tots. The girls were very excited that another less fortunate little girl would be receiving this gift and without hesitate handed over the item, with smiles on their faces, as well as a few other gifts. What a great story of giving from the heart! We're very sure that Santa will be good to these young ladies. As a community fire department, the LVFD was very pleased to be a small part of this very special story.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS from the Laurel Volunteer Fire Department