PGCVFRA Special Tribute

The Prince George’s County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association (PGCVFRA) paid special tribute to LVFD’s own Senior Vice President Pop Grant! Pop and four others volunteers from PG County were recognized for their outstanding years of service and contributions to the PGCVFRA and their respective communities.

Pop joined the Laurel Volunteer fire Department (LVFD) in April 1983. Many didn’t realize at that point that there was indeed a “disturbance in the force” as he quickly became a difference-maker on the PG volunteer scene. Within 2 years Pop became full technician at the LVFD; elected to the PGCVFRA Board of Directors in 1986 and served in this position for 15 years, thru 2001; co-led hosting National Volunteer Fire Council’s conference in Laurel, in early 90’s, elected to the PGCVFRA Hall of Fame, Sept 1994; led or co-led PGCVFRA conventions in 1983, 1984, 1986, 1997, 2002, 2011; helps with PGCVFRA convention contests pretty much every year since 1983. Pop still regularly attends PGCVFRA meetings and PG Fire Commission meetings.

On the community-front, Pop is actively involved with City of Laurel activities/groups/municipal business. Everybody at City Hall knows Pop for helping or being a pain in the Mayor’s neck in a good way! He is the key operator for the City’s canteen/rehab unit and was instrumental in its design/build and a regular at Emergency Services Commission meetings.

Finally, as Pop’s ultimate “pay back’ to the volunteer fire service, there are 3 generations of Grants in the fire service; Pop led the way in 1961, Darrin came along in 1982, and then Zack started with LVFD in 2013 and is now a career firefighter in HowCo, MD.

Other PG volunteers recognized were Bobby Breen (Baden VFD), Bobby and Ginny Wilhite (Forestville VFD), and Dave Hang (Hyattsville VFD).

(Photos courtesy of Jim Codespote)