A Letter from the LVFD Leadership

I would like to share some overwhelming thoughts and feelings after the last few days.

First to the Nicholson Family, it was truly an honor to be afforded the opportunity to give Nick the send off he earned and deserved! After everything your family has given to all of us County wide it's the least we can do!

To the current leadership of the LVRS, it was so easy and such a pleasure to work side by side with you to make sure we covered every little detail. I truly hope we can continue working and training together to bolster our future in the name of members like Nick!

To the City of Laurel, your never ending support-- the shuttle vehicles, the chairs, the AV equipment, and the list goes on. Thank you to Mayor Moe and City Administrator Flemmion. A big Thanks to Chief McLaughlin - the support and escort of the Laurel Police Department was amazing. To the Prince George's County Fire Department, your support, both logistically and physically, was truly overwhelming, Thank You. To the Association, you of course were awesome and made sure all the little details for the family were taken care of. To ALL the companies and personnel who attended in uniform or with apparatus, Thank You, as it was truly touching to see the wide spread support and love! The fire service truly is a family! Lastly to the Honor Guard and membership of the LVFD, your support since Friday has been exceptional! The cleaning, the preparing, the setting up and then everyone in uniform! WOW! I think throughout the event, all, but about 24 members, stopped by the station and it truly says how important this station, community, and "Family" is to you. To the Life Members - those who made it and those that may not have made the last few events of significance - Thank You for being here. I am truly honored to have had the opportunity to help put on such a magnificent event to give Nick the send off he truly earned and deserved.

No thanks needed because it is what we do, I believe everyone mentioned in this message would do it again if needed! The definition of Fire Department Family is truly amazing! Thanks again to every one who participated and to those whom I may have forgotten, I apologize, but thanks are in order. 

Travis Pearcy

Fire Chief
Laurel VFD Company 10