LVFD donates A108 to Texas FD

The membership of the LVFD is honored to donate A108 to Texas public safety agencies. The East Montgomery FD and the Splendora PD that were hit hard by Hurricane Harvey and the subsequent massive flooding. Just outside of Houston, these two departments along with many others in the area provided emergency services to citizens in need during the devastation. As volunteers, our first instinct of course was to pitch in and help. The LVFD is fortunate to have the ability to provide the ambulance to the Texas departments due in part to your donations that help us maintain our fleet of emergency vehicles. The Texas crew also spent time with the Laurel PD comparing notes and sharing information on how each department works. The crew visited Washington DC while here and they also enjoyed some Maryland-style crabs and oysters! It was our pleasure to host the Texas crew for a few days, new friendships were formed along the way.

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