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Why Volunteer?

We asked this question of many of our members. They said the reason they joined the Laurel Volunteer Fire Department is to give back to the community,  which enforces the spirit of our Company motto, “Service for Others”. In order to best serve the greater Laurel area in fulfilling this goal, our members must be dedicated, motivated and professional. 


Membership Types

We have several classes of membership - not all of our members are Firefighters or EMTs! To find out more about the different types of membership,  click here.



As a reward for their excellent service, our members have many benefits available to them.  For more information about the benefits of volunteering for the Laurel Volunteer Fire Department, click here.


Apply Today, or Get More Information

Can't find an answer to your question? Would you like to find out more about becoming a member of the Laurel Volunteer Fire Department? Have you decided that Fire and/or EMT service is for you? To schedule an appointment to speak with one of our members, please click here.

Membership Types

We have a number of types of membership that you may be interested in, so check out the different classes we have to offer below:


Regular Members

To become a Regular Member, you must be at least 18 years of age and interested in training to be Firefighters and/or EMTs. Personnel in this class of membership must pass a background investigation and physical, as well as meet minimum participation standards each year. Regular Members must complete a 12-month probationary period. Within eighteen months of joining the department, Regular Members must complete either Firefighter I (F/F I) or Emergency Medical Technician- Basic (EMT-B) and within 30 months, both must be completed. This type of membership also offers a live-in program. To apply to become a Regular Member, click here.


EMS Only

Ever since the Laurel Volunteer Fire Department acquired an ambulance, we have always been on the lookout for people interested in Emergency Medical Service (EMS). Personnel in this class will serve a 12-month probationary period and will be expected to get Emergemcy Medical Technician (EMT) certification in their first year and a half. They will not be expected to fight fires. To apply for an EMS Only membership, please click here.


Junior Members

To become a Junior Member, you must be between the ages of 16 and 18 and must have parental approval. These members may take fire fighting training and participate in "Outside" fire fighting activities, but are prohibited from participating in any interior fire fighting or any other hazardous duties. Junior Members must maintain good grades in school (2.0 minimum) in order to participate in department activities or have full-time employment. To apply for Junior Membership, click here.



The Administrative class is a group of members who do not wish to fight fire, but can contribute needed skills and services for the benefit of the company. Administrative members serve a 6-month probationary period and have minimum participation standards each year. They meet these standards by learning one or more of the following skills: reports, data entry, map development, fundraising, building and/or grounds maintenance, apparatus maintenance, etc. To apply to become an Administrative member, click here.



Life Membership is granted to a Regular or Administrative member upon twenty-five years of service in which their service requirements have been met. Life members have full privileges of the department and they are eligible for a monthly reward after turning 60 years of age. Life members have no further service requirements, but their continued service and support is encouraged. Life membership is earned and cannot be applied for.



This class of membership is granted in recognition of significant financial or other support. Honorary membership is bestowed on our supporters and therefore cannot be applied for.


Life Honorary

Life Honorary Membership is granted by the company to individuals in recognition of outstanding service to the company and community. Life Honorary membership is bestowed on our supporters and therefore cannot be applied for.

Live-In Program

The department has a "Live-In" Program to ensure adequate response during the overnight hours.  Members participating in the Live-In Program will have a private room with a bed, desk, chair, and personal storage along with a common shower and locker room.  The benefits of being a live-in member include; no rent, use of all station facilities, and wireless Internet to name a few.  Live-ins run numerous calls and gain unparalleled fire and EMS experience.   For more information on the Live-In program, please contact the membership committee by clicking here and completing the membership form.

Bunk RoomLive-In RoomLive-In Room          






The Auxiliary to the Laurel Volunteer Fire Department was organized in May 1929 with the charter membership of 11 ladies.  The purpose of this organization is to assist the Laurel Volunteer Fire Department in its civic and financial activities.


Become A Member Of The Laurel Volunteer Fire Department Auxiliary
The Laurel Auxiliary is looking for new members. The Maryland Tax Incentive Program provides $3,500 in tax deductions on the state level for members of the Auxiliary. You must first be a member for three years and maintain membership with 50 points to qualify for this deduction. Please come join us to support the Laurel Volunteer Fire Department. Click here to print out a membership application.


Auxiliary to the Laurel Volunteer Fire Department Officers for 2012


President: May-Lynn Bayles

Vice President: Cathy Thaxton

Secretary: Stacey Pearcy

Treasurer: Marlene Collins

Asst. Secretary: Susan Fricke

Asst. Treasurer: Sue Frost

Chaplain: Nancy Burdge

Asst. Chaplain: Judi Winesdorfer

Historian: Marsha Grimes

Color Guard: Rosa Maher

Color Bearer: Winnie Heltibridle

Color Bearer: Bert Rushing


Membership Roster for the Auxiliary to the Laurel Volunteer Fire Department


Life Members (20 + years)

Regular Membership

May Lynn Bayles

Pamela Bayles

Nancy Burdge 

Marlene Collins

Cindy Gray

Irene Duff

Marsha Grimes

Susan Fricke

Kristi Harmon

Sue Frost

Betty Leishear

Jaclyn Grimes

Mabel Litchfield

Michelle Healy

Gloria Lovell

Winnie Heltibridle

Rosa Maher

Barbara Myers Howe

Maria McCoy

Ann Kelly

Marian Nicholson               

Nancy Mabry

Gail North

Sharon Mitchell

Olga Owens

Stacey Pearcy

Pauline Reel

Bert Rushing

Barbara Sellner

Katy Scherer

Grace Stanton

Judith Winesdorfer

Cathy Thaxton

Janice Zook


 Honorary Members

Bill Bayles
Flo Collins
Tom Collins
Robert (Pop) Grant
Joan Robison
The membership of the Auxiliary to the Laurel Volunteer Fire Department is responsible for organizing and tracking rentals for the Laurel Volunteer Fire Department. If you or someone you know is looking to rent a room for a party, company meeting or anything in between, please contact Janice Zook at 301-725-1862 for more information. To rent the Hall for a party, the cost is $150.00 per hour with an an additional $75.00 cleaning fee and an additional $200.00 deposit which is refundable. To rent the Hall for a meeting, the cost is $50.00 for every 2 hours. The hall holds 80-100 people, but 100 people is the maximum! The kitchen is not available for public use with the rental. Everyone who rents the hall must be off the property by 12 midnight.  

Membership Application

Personal Information
Membership Information

Free rent, CATV, and wireless access !

Membership Benefits


If you feel you possess the qualities of a successful volunteer and are interested in joining the Laurel Volunteer Fire Department, the following benefits would be available to you:

Note: Some benefits have restrictions